My mind and the body

When I say “my mind” I no longer mean the owner is that of a souls or spirit but the owner of the mind is the body.

The owner of the mind is the body. I can no longer say my body either.

“Property is theft.”

2 responses to “My mind and the body”

  1. I would phrase it as process OF the body. The difference is in must necessarily mean two separate entities — mind and body — where one contains the other. This framing keeps the discourse within the mindset of dualism. With OF we retain a monism perspective.

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  2. To me, the mind is a process in the body. It’s a process that models its environment, including the body. In that sense, plus a pragmatic legal one of who should have control of something, I think it continues to be productive to talk of us owning our bodies. But we’re talking about purely from a stance of pragmatism. I don’t doubt there will be aspects that render any more absolute interpretation as parochial.

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