Purpose and goal

At some point I had decided that even if God is immanent or transcendental to this world the fact that he does not interact with us he may be removed from the equation. That is, the activities of this world have nothing to do with God.

From here, it was then logical and easy to remove one by one the unnecessary “things” that populate this reality. What was left was a reality populated with matter, space and time. Some of this matter was imbued with something called life, consciousness, or some other similar term. What matters is that it is just matter. Consciousness is just a particular quality of this object.

What worries some philosophers is that there seems to be no purpose to us. These philosophers seem lost without something to aim for. And I agree. But I do not think that our aim and purpose is a given, or is the same in any way. There is no moral compass, no identical “North” to which we point to.

In short, we choose our own purposes, make our own goals. Sometimes we pursue these purposes and goals individually and sometimes we do them collectively.

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